Prospering already fertile earth or rich with natural resources, it should be. So what about the earth that is barren and even dead, also with natural resources that have been depleted?

Believe it or not, the target of future economic growth could be on barren and dead earth, and in areas where natural wealth is depleted.

In Indonesia there are at least 14 million hectares of critical and highly critical land, in the Arabian peninsula - there are deserts that have been arid since the beginning of human civilization, in North Africa - there is the Sahara, etc.
But who wants to invest to fertilize the arid and even dead earth?

His investment opportunities are in those who believe in the unseen, who believe in His promise more than his eyes can see or feel by his five senses. This kind of investment has been known for more than 14 centuries, that’s waqf!

How to Waqf

Waqf Shop

Waqf shop is a place for those of you who want to be waqf but only have goods that cannot be donated directly, while the goods that want to be donated, therefore we collaborate with Waqf shop to help sell your goods with half part for waqf or all of them.